Taking a Platform Approach to Conversational AI Brings Simplicity and Speed to Digital Transformation

The current, global challenges in managing the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many customer care organizations to transition to a remote workforce while, at the same time, experiencing significant increases in call volumes. While these challenges are immense, they do offer a singular opportunity for conversational AI to shine.

Conversational AI allows major brands and enterprises to support a conversational engagement model that rapidly understands natural language input from humans and responds with correct answers, consistently and at scale.

Firms feel mounting pressure to replace existing customer care infrastructure with AI-infused chatbots or virtual agents. But many companies are left on their own to figure out how to use available tools to build enterprise-grade solutions.

A broad variety of solutions providers – too many, by some accounts – offer tools, platforms and APIs to support conversational AI. They come from an alphabet soup of abbreviated domains that include CCTR (Contact Centers), CPaaS (Communications Platforms as a Service), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service). As if that weren’t enough, their offerings are complemented by a rich marketplace of microservices that are accessible through APIs or connectors.

Tools are not solutions; APIs are not integrations. The overabundance of options amounts to a significant speed bump on the road to successful conversational AI deployments. Implementers waste time sorting through marketing hype in order to select the best vendors and partners for building conversational experiences.

Waterfield Technologies enters the chaotic world of conversational AI ready to arm its clients with self-service resources and proven professional experience in delivering solutions for the contact center.

The Opus Research “Vendors That Matter” (VTM) series examines innovative firms uniquely qualified in offering enterprise technologies that are making a successful business impact. These companies represent what’s next in finding and delivering intelligent customer support and transforming digital experiences.

In its latest VTM report, Opus Research delves into how Waterfield Technologies’ Blueworx IVA Platform serves as a one-stop shop for conversational AI resources. With an agnostic approach, the cost-effective platform is a comprehensive suite to manage self-service resources and conversational virtual assistants at enterprise scale.

Read the report here.

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