Xcelerate FAQs

Xcelerate is for anyone looking to get up and running on Twilio Flex quickly without the hassle and includes the support of a trusted Twilio® Systems Integration partner. Xcelerate allows you to build and customize what is essential to you and your business needs. Together, Xcelerate and Twilio Flex enable you to get ahead and build a contact center tailored to the way you work.
Days. We’ve taken the time from months and brought it down to days.
Anyone who is looking to evolve and move into a modern contact center experience. The solution expedites time-to-deployment and enables customization using API-based programmability.
Yes, the core feature set of Xcelerate, paired with the extensible customizations of Twilio Flex, makes it a good fit across all industries. We work with agencies and organizations across all verticals to help them handle call volumes, customer interactions, and tracking. Xcelerate is applicable to a lot of customers and use cases.
Waterfield Tech and a combination of the Twilio team. Waterfield Tech offers a turnkey migration and post-deployment support structure allowing for a single, robust migration.
Yes. You can customize the implementation yourself or Waterfield Tech can help. Xcelerate is highly customizable.
Yes. Twilio-Flex is available in a trial version, and you can also try Xcelerate. Contact Waterfield Tech for more info.
  • Request a demo or try an Xcelerate-enabled experience.
  • Start small and iterate. Identify a business line or contact center component in your business that has a high tolerance for change. Determine functionalities that don’t exist in your contact center today.
  • Yes! We can integrate many types of contact centers with Twilio Flex + Xcelerate to create and establish the right routing configuration for your business.
    Yes. Xcelerate supports media file sharing.
    Admins and Supervisors are provided with real-time information.

    Metrics include (but are not limited to):
    • # of tasks currently being worked on
    • # of tasks are queued
    • # of tasks handled
    • # of tasks abandoned
    • Longest wait time
    • Agent status
    • Customer information (membership level, support info)
    • KPIs / Trends
    Xcelerate easily integrates with Twilio’s extended partner ecosystem including call analytics data.
    Today Xcelerate is strictly browser-based but a mobile-ready interface is on the roadmap.
    Customers have control over when updates are pushed to their platform.
    Xcelerate is 100% customizable. Personalize the UI to your specifications, add functionality across the platform, or integrate with any number of 3rd party integrations available in the Twilio ecosystem. The majority of Twilio integrations work with Xcelerate out-of-the-box. 
    Twilio is offering amazing incentives for those who adopt the Flex platform. Deploying Twilio Flex together with Xcelerate will get you up and running quickly. Contact Waterfield Tech for more information.

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